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Cadmus Editorial Policy


The editors welcome submission of proposals, articles, ideas, abstracts, reviews, letters and comments by Fellows of the World Academy of Art & Science, Members of the Club of Rome and Pugwash as well as invited and unsolicited articles from the public. All proposals are reviewed by the editorial board to determine their suitability for publication in Cadmus.

The clear intention behind the founding of Cadmus is to publish fresh perspectives, original ideas, new approaches that extend beyond contemporary thinking with regard to the relationship between knowledge, public policy and society today and their impact on human wealth, welfare and well-being – human security defined in its broadest terms. It is summed up in the motto “Leadership in Thought that Leads to Action”.

Special issues will also be published from time to time devoted to specific topics.

The primary guidelines for selection of articles are

  • The article should address issues of broad social concern to the world today
  • The article should not be one that naturally qualifies for publication in a more traditional journal devoted to a specialized discipline, i.e. it should be multi- or trans-disciplinary in scope and implications
  • The article should present an original perspective, conception or practical approach
  • The article may be in the form of an essay of ideas, an annotated theoretical discussion or fact-based scientific evaluation of evidence. We accept all three.

These guidelines are general and not rigid. Acceptance or rejection of an article does not reflect at all on its academic or intellectual merit, only on the degree of its alignment with the specific objectives of Cadmus.

Submissions may be of any length but preference will be given to articles of 5-10 pages and shorter pieces of 1-3 pages.

Style guidelines and an MS Word style sheet are available for download from the Editorial Policy section of our website.

We are also looking for articles to publish on that may not be included in the print edition of Cadmus but can serve as a platform for projecting and discussion of ideas among Fellows. We also plan to publish highlights of those articles and discussion on them in the printed version.

We would encourage you to share any manuscript with us that you think might be what we are looking for.

Open Access Policy

All articles published by Cadmus Journal are made available under an open access license worldwide immediately. Everyone has free and unlimited access to the full-text of all articles published in Cadmus Journal. All articles published by Cadmus Journal, including data, graphics and supplements, can be cited in other publications, linked electronically, crawled by search engines, re-used by text mining applications or websites, blogs, etc. free of charge under the sole condition of proper accreditation of the source and original publisher.