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Inside this Issue


2020-2021 is a period of momentous events with unforeseen consequences. The COVID-19 Pandemic has altered the rules in countless ways, overthrowing conventional wisdom and long-established practices in a desperate attempt to cope with the unexpected. The celebration of the UN’s 75th anniversary during the Pandemic with climate change crises around the corner reminds us just how essential a strong multilateral system is for the future of humanity.

This issue features three sections commemorating the 60th anniversary of the World Academy of Art & Science and reaffirming the essential need for integrated, transnational, transdisciplinary approaches to pressing global challenges.

Cadmus@10 commemorates the 10th anniversary of the founding of this journal with a special section entitled “Seed Ideas” containing 24 think pieces addressing a wide range of issues of critical importance in our times.

Other articles focus on important planetary issues and opportunities of critical importance for global social transformation.

We hope you enjoy this issue.