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Musings on a New Paradigm

ARTICLE | | BY Jonathan Granoff


Jonathan Granoff
“The current paradigm conflates economic growth with development globally.”

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We are the first civilization in which the pursuit of the real and the good has become separated. The current predominant worldview adopts the scientific method as the singular legitimate method of discovering the truth. It relies on prediction, repetition, control, and quantification. Aspects of human experience not amenable to such categories like soul, love, meaning, experience, self, and consciousness are thus marginalized and placed mainly in the realm of aesthetics. It is from the latter categories that purpose, telos, is discerned. One could propose that we have a preoccupation with ‘how’ and are ignorant of ‘why’. The outcome is law without justice (a pre-occupation with procedure), medicine without healing (focus on symptoms and neglect of deep systemic healing), financial systems without reference to production of goods and services (the purpose of capital), art without beauty, philosophy without the pursuit of truth (mostly focused on method), weapons without security (nuclear being the best example of improved means to unimproved ends), and religion without love and transcendence (a focus on rites, rituals, and dogmas). Thescientific method is avery useful and valuable intellectual tool to investigate, appreciate and, whencoupledwith technological prowess, can manipulate the natural world. It is not the only dimension of human inquiry or discovery.

“Development is what happens after sufficient growth to feed, clothe, and house people. It includes culture, spirituality and the quality of being human.”

The current paradigm conflates economic growth with development. Development is what happens after sufficient growth to feed, clothe, and house people. It includes culture, spirituality and the quality of being human.

The current paradigm neglects the necessity to live in harmony with the living systems we wrongly designate as environment but which are actually part of our own being and a wondrous web of which we are a part.

The current paradigm is based on an ideological premise of progress.

There is an absence of the sacred and a recognition of mystery. We come from and return to we know not where. We are sustained and made conscious by a power that remains beyond our intellectual capacity to grasp but which remains real and present and is good beyond our descriptive powers and measurements.

Jonathan Granoff

About the Author(s)

Jonathan Granoff
President, Global Security Institute; Representative to the United Nations of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates; Trustee, World Academy of Art and Science