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Inside this Issue


Humanity is approaching a watershed. The challenges confronting the world today cannot be effectively addressed by incremental changes in existing institutions and policies. Neither the speed of change nor the magnitude is sufficient to keep pace with the rapidity of technological developments and social evolution. Effective response requires fundamental change in our values, conceptual framework, ways of thinking and relating to one another and the world we live in—a change of consciousness. The articles included in this issue reinforce the need for a paradigm change in the fields of economics, governance, education, global security and climate change. The normal tendency of the human mind is to see these challenges as separate from each other, treating each problem as if it had its own independent reality that could be addressed in isolation from the rest. We are now compelled to accept that all aspects of social reality are one and inextricably integrated with one another. The only viable solution is to replace piecemeal reductionist ways of thinking and acting with comprehensive, transdisciplinary perspectives and initiatives that engage and embrace all sectors, stakeholders and levels of society. The leadership needed is that which will unleash a global social movement which expresses the growing awareness and rising aspirations of humanity as a whole. The knowledge needed is a knowledge of the process of transforming the long, slow, zigzag course of natural evolution into a more conscious, swift and direct process of social transformation. The recent emergence of youth activism to address the climate challenge is an unprecedented sign of the awakening of a unifying global consciousness rich with promising seeds for a better future. These seeds need to be honored and consciously nurtured until they blossom with new possibilities.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Select comments or reviews of articles will be published in the WAAS newsletter.