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Inside this Issue


The current issue of Cadmus focuses on core themes or pillars of the WAAS-UN Project on Global Leadership in the 21st century. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the grave need to translate catalytic strategies and ideas into action.

Universal online education, which was once deemed nearly impossible, is now a reality, more out of necessity than conscious choice. Education, in that regard, has had a major transformational shift. Unresolved issues do abound, but a tiny yet irrevocable step has been taken in the right direction and the human mind, known for its resourcefulness and its consummate ability to handle complexity, will find a solution for this in the next few years. Education is a conscious tool fashioned by humanity to transfer knowledge from one generation to another. This mental process hastens the process of Societal Transformation by helping people to become more conscious of themselves and the world around them.

The set of essays on Societal Transformation by the WAAS Working Group reflects on the dire need for shifting from unconscious social evolution to conscious social transformation. The role of the Individual in this process and the relationship between the Individual and the collective are crucial to understanding the process of societal transformation.

Such a step towards conscious social transformation will help us achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals faster and sooner, ahead of 2030. For the first time in mankind’s history, we have created this comprehensive, integrated framework that addresses and includes all socio-economic dimensions. Achieving the SDGs necessitates a deeper understanding that ecology and economy are but two sides of the same coin, which is society. The WAAS New Economic Theory Working Group calls for a new paradigm in economic theory that focuses on both individual and societal well-being.

This is precisely what the Academy’s project on Human Security focuses on. It provides an all-encompassing framework. It is a human-centered paradigm, a paradigm that goes beyond the conventional notion that peace is the absence of war. A positive conception of peace is yet to enter the world’s languages and dictionaries.

The upcoming fifth international conference on “Future Education: Global Leadership Challenge in Higher Education for Effective Multilateralism & Sustainable Human Security,” to be held on December 6-8, 2021, will address and strive to find solutions to some of the issues discussed in this issue, the themes of multilateralism and human security in particular. Please click here to register for the conference.

With the release of this issue, we are pleased to also announce the launching of a new website for the World Academy of Art & Science at the same address. The new WAAS homepage seeks to provide a more holistic, integrated representation of the Academy’s mission, history, objectives and current work.

We hope you enjoy this issue.