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Issue 2

The Great Divorce: Economics & Philosophy
Call for United Action
The Perfect Storm: Economics, Finance and Socio-Ecology
Science and Economics: The Case of Uncertainty & Disequilibrium
Global Prospects for Full Employment
Grossly Distorted Picture: GDP Still Misleading
Capital Needs Labour
Universal Nuclear Disarmament
Revolution in Human Affairs: The Root of Societal Violence
Human Rights, Liberty & Socio-Economic Justice: Economic Theory and the Ascent of Private Property Values
Towards a Global Democratic Revolution: A Global Parliament and the Transformation of the World Order
Biopolicy- Building a green society
Biopolicy- Building a green society

Garry Jacobs, Ivo Šlaus
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract* The recent international financial crisis highlights the crucial role of employment in human welfare and social stability. Access to remunerative employment opportunities is essential for economic security in a market-based economic system. As the rise of democracy compelled nations to extend the voting right to all citizens, employment must be recognized as a... Read more
In 2009-10, the Academy conducted a strategic planning process in which more than sixty Fellows contributed ideas and proposals relating to the future direction and activities of WAAS. Based on these contributions, the Strategic Planning Committee submitted two reports to the Board of Trustees which include draft vision and mission statements. The first report containing the Mission statement was... Read more
Ivo Šlaus, Garry Jacobs, Orio Giarini
Cadmus Journal has been launched to promote leadership in thought that leads to action. The first issue focused on wealth and welfare and concluded that a paradigm change is necessary - a change as profound as the paradigm change in physical sciences at the beginning of the 20th century and much more profound than the Copernican paradigm change. The first issue of Cadmus identified major issues... Read more
Ian Johnson
Get Full Text in PDF A Commentary* The world is at an inflection point. A convergence of themes – seemingly disconnected – is integral and urgent to our very survival. Our world is headed into a Perfect Storm of an interconnected financial, ecological and social crisis. Almost all forward-looking assessments demonstrate that business as usual and incremental improvements will not be sufficient... Read more
Orio Giarini
Get Full Text in PDF 1. Neoclassical Economics & the “General Equilibrium” System 1.1 Supply and Demand in a Static “Perfect” Equilibrium The act of selling or buying goods always takes place at a given moment or instant in time, at which a price is agreed and paid. The general economic system is considered by standard economics to be based on a “General Equilibrium” which represents the... Read more
Jasjit Singh
Get Full Text in PDF At the time of writing, there is an obvious and tragic upheaval in the Arab world and a large number of other developing nations. North Africa from Mauritania to the Suez Canal and Yemen, the Persian Gulf from Iraq to Bahrain and Oman, and Afghanistan are on fire, much of it fuelled by religious ideologies, but also supported by Great Power politics. This upheaval comes on... Read more
Patrick Liedtke
Get Full Text in PDF The past three and a half years have seen a very rough ride for the world’s financial markets. Not only did the credit crisis (which The Geneva Association has studied intensively) directly impact the value of many real world assets (especially U.S. real estate) and stock markets with particular bearing on bank stocks, many derivatives and structured financial products; it... Read more
Get Full Text in PDF 1. The Limits of National Democratization The peaceful mass protests of millions of Egyptians that toppled the repressive and corrupt presidency of Hosni Mubarak in the course of 18 days and the ouster of Tunisia’s President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali after massive civil resistance might turn out to mark an important milestone in the expansion of democracy in the world.* Over... Read more
Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis
Get Full Text in PDF 1. Biopolicy to meet the global economic and environmental challenge It is not only the global economy that the facing a deep recession, but also the global environment. Unavailability of credit and loss of jobs and income, coupled with climate change, energy insecurity, pollution of the air, water and soil, and the decimation of species and habitats, are creating an... Read more
T. Natarajan
Get Full Text in PDF Government is as old as the society. Governance is as recent as 1900. One is a fact of power. The other is a theoretical concept that precedes in Mind before humanity reduces it to a fact of experience. For the mental man, the latter assumes evolutionary significance of extraordinary value. Man when he realises that significance, acquires a Himalayan power to take his... Read more
Manpreet Sethi
Get Full Text in PDF 1. Introduction Universal nuclear disarmament** is not a new concept. From the time that the weapon was first used in 1945, and once the horrendous destruction that it could cause was understood, countries have struggled with the challenge of how to put the genie back into the bottle. To little avail. Nuclear abolition has proved to be an elusive objective owing to the lack... Read more
The editors welcome submission of proposals, articles, ideas, abstracts, reviews, letters and comments by Fellows of the World Academy of Art & Science, Members of the Club of Rome and Pugwash as well as invited and unsolicited articles from the public. All proposals are reviewed by the editorial board to determine their suitability for publication in Cadmus. The clear intention behind the... Read more
Get Full Text in PDF For early economists such as Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus and John Stuart Mill, economics was indivisible from moral philosophy. Their objective was not to discover eternal laws governing the functioning of human economic systems, but rather to improve upon the prevailing economic system to support the survival and enhance the economic security of all members of society. They... Read more
Get Full Text in PDF “Employment is the single greatest challenge facing humanity today,” according to Ian Johnson, Secretary General of the Club of Rome, in his opening remarks to an international conference last November – remarkable words coming from an organization known principally for its concern about environmental issues. In similar fashion, renowned security expert Jasjit Singh, a World... Read more
Get Full Text in PDF A new world is struggling to be born. Or rather a world of separate and disparate people and nations is struggling to evolve into a diversified but unified human community. Throughout history two opposing tendencies have spurred the evolution of society – the urge of the collective to ensure its security, sustenance and power through exercise of authority, organization and... Read more
Get Full Text in PDF Nuclear weapons present a problem of immense complexity involving a multiplicity of actors, both nuclear and non-nuclear weapon states as well as non-state actors, with differing perceptions and security threats and compounded by the growing importance of nuclear energy and technological advances in conventional weaponry and cruise missiles. Yet a few things are... Read more
Get Full Text in PDF While administering relief and development aid in the Far East during the early 1950s, former WAAS President and Club of Rome member Harlan Cleveland coined a new phrase to describe a striking phenomenon which he perceived would have profound impact on the future course of democracy and human development. He spoke of a revolution of rising expectations awakening the... Read more
Heitor Gurgulino de Souza
Get Full Text in PDF Very warm congratulations on the new journal - it certainly has a role to play in today's world.* Over the holidays I had an opportunity to read some of the well-written articles in the first issue of Cadmus.  I also read and liked "OUR VISION" published on the second page in which you requested "my ideas" regarding this new endeavor. WAAS completed fifty... Read more
Get Full Text in PDF Employment is one of the crucial problems of the contemporary world. The World Academy’s Global Employment Challenge Project (launched in 2009 and on-going) and the Club of Rome’s International Conference on Concerted Strategies for International Development in the 21st Century, Bern, November 17-18, 2010 have both concluded that a fundamental paradigm change is required in... Read more
Hazel Henderson
Get Full Text in PDF Beyond GDP: Global Poll* A new global poll across 12 countries reveals that more than two-thirds of people polled think that economic statistics like GDP are an inadequate way of measuring national progress. The poll finds that 68% believe that health, social and environmental statistics are as important as economic data, and that governments should also use those to measure... Read more
Winston P. Nagan
Get Full Text in PDF 1. Introduction In the Introduction to the first issue of CADMUS, Ivo Šlaus and Garry Jacobs essentially provide us with a reminder that the founders of modern economics were also important moral philosophers. In particular, Adam Smith would appear to be influenced by the idea that economics has a great deal to do with human well-being. His theory was meant to be a tool to... Read more
The European Leadership Network (ELN) for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation is a network of senior European political, military and diplomatic figures including Des Browne, Ruud Lubbers, Lord Geoffrey Howe, Lord Robertson, and Ivo Šlaus. ELN was established in June 2010 to express concern over the world’s growing nuclear dangers and to work multilaterally to have those... Read more
From: Trustees WAAS To: Yutaka Haruki, Hidetoshi Kato, Hiroya Kawanabe, Tae Chang Kim, Hirotoshi Komoda, Akio Morishima, Kinhide Mushakoji, Yoshihiko Nakamura, Kenneth Ruddle, Yutaka Tonooka, Kaoru Yamaguchi, Abdul Hamid Zakri Sat, 19 Mar 2011 23:29:49 +0530 Subject: Thoughts and prayers for your safety Dear WAAS Fellows, Dear Friends, On behalf of the World Academy we would like to convey our... Read more