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Stefan Brunnhuber
Get Full Text in PDF The indispensable missing link in the debate on sustainability is the monetary system. To date, the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) have primarily been financed through private sector financing, conventional public sector funding (taxes and fees) and philanthropic commitment. However, these are not enough in scale and speed to finance our future. “The introduction of a... Read more
Marco Vitiello
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Facing the XXI century and its challenges means finding a concrete strategy, one that can make it possible for WAAS and its Fellows to reach their full potential. Sometimes what we do is look for new strategies to reach our goals, when the simple answer has always been right in front of our eyes: we need a non-original, organizational yet individual, holistic yet... Read more
Donato Kiniger-Passigli
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Albert Einstein said that art and science are branches of the same tree. Indeed, there is no dichotomy between art and science: they are an integral part of the same nucleon. Art is the ability to create, which implies inspiration and learning. Liberal arts, from medieval tradition till date, include humanities and physical, biological, and social sciences. There is... Read more
Augusto Forti
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract In this short article, the author traces the sociological origins of WAAS and traces briefly the history of the scientists‘ nuclear abolition movement, which was a main reason for the founding of the Academy. A lot remains to be done by the world community to address the multifaceted problems we face today. WAAS has been playing a crucial role in this process. In the... Read more
Garry Jacobs, Donato Kiniger-Passigli, Winston P. Nagan, Ivo Šlaus, Alberto Zucconi
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Solution to the complex nexus of problems confronting humanity exceeds the capacity of any individual or small group of individuals or organizations. But it does not lie beyond the capacity of the collective aspiration, intelligence and determination of humanity. The world needs aspirational leadership that transcends the partisanship and limitations of self-... Read more