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Measures & Indicators

Indicators of Economic Progress: The Power of Measurement and Human Welfare
Grossly Distorted Picture: GDP Still Misleading
Concepts for a New Generation of Global Modelling Tools: Expanding our Capacity for Perception
Socioeconomic and Environmental Performance: A Composite Index and Comparative Application to the USA and China
Homoeconomico-politicus, Scientific Consciousness, and the Defense of Fundamental Values in the Context of the Climate Change Crisis: The Challenge of Scientific Responsibility for the Future of Economic and Political Science

Phoebe Koundouri, Konstantinos Dellis
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The notion of Human Security has regained traction in the public domain, mostly following the disruptive impact of the global pandemic and the geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe. The concept, however, was molded during the second half of the twentieth century, as scholars, policy makers and the public became ever more disillusioned with the focus on national... Read more
Yehuda Kahane
Get Full Text in PDF "Governments and business leaders are shortterm thinkers. True leaders are ones with longterm foresight!" We are living through the Anthropocene era, an era where humans have become the major force affecting change on our planet. Environment and social risks are threatening the “thrive-ability” of our society. In combating these risks, we require trillions of dollars in... Read more
Federico Mayor
Get Full Text in PDF The time has come to take steps allowing us, before it is too late, to correct current trends on a global scale. Otherwise, we would not fulfill our inter-generational duties and the Earth’s habitability would be seriously deteriorated. In the past, social evolution used to be very slow. For centuries, power was in the hands of just a few men. Citizens had no voice and were... Read more
Dragan Djuricin
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Structural crises of the past have had a significant impact on the world economy even before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2020. The ongoing medical crisis exacerbates the double dip recession we have witnessed before. Challenges are consequential. By checking the pulse of the global economy, we see a high level of risk, fragile growth outlook, and increasing... Read more
Winston P. Nagan, Megan Weeren
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The general framework of this paper is to focus on the evolution of scientific consciousness and the dramatic technological developments it has generated, which have vital and highly consequential consequences for social organization on a global basis. The central fact about the current technological revolution is the enormous challenges it provides for... Read more
Joanilio Rodolpho Teixeira, Danielle Sandi Pinheiro, Anna Eloyr Vilasboas
 Get Full Text in PDFAbstract This paper deals with an analytical framework to provide a measure of overall performance which involves both socioeconomic activities and environmental sustainability using a recent Index of well-being. The composite indicator, created by Medrano-B & Teixeira (2013), is associated with the so called “Magic Square”, a diagram stimulated by the... Read more
Robert Hoffman, Bertram McInnis
 Get Full Text in PDFForeword This the first of two articles that describe the development of a new generation of global modelling tools that was first proposed by the authors as members of a working group of the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome in 1993. This paper describes the underlying conceptual framework adopted by the group. The companion paper describes the Global Systems... Read more
Hazel Henderson
Get Full Text in PDF Beyond GDP: Global Poll* A new global poll across 12 countries reveals that more than two-thirds of people polled think that economic statistics like GDP are an inadequate way of measuring national progress. The poll finds that 68% believe that health, social and environmental statistics are as important as economic data, and that governments should also use those to measure... Read more
Garry Jacobs, Ivo Šlaus
Get Full Text in PDF Table of Contents Introduction Tools and Measures Measures of National Income Need for New Theory Measures and Indicators Characteristics of a Successful Indicator The Problem of Value What are we trying to measure? Alternative indices Components of Economic Welfare Human Economic Welfare Index (HEWI) Composite HEWI Conclusions Endnotes 1. Introduction Right measurement... Read more