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Issue 2 Part 3

Lessons from World War I
The Riches of the Ocean for Humankind: Rethinking Value in Economics and Development
Book Reviews

Michael Marien
Sixteen Worldviews: A Summation of Recent Reviews Now for the Long Term: The Report of the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations Security and Sustainability The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies Get Full Text in PDF Sixteen Worldviews:A Summation of Recent Reviews Where is humanity headed? What are the major problems that must be... Read more
Orio Giarini
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract We acknowledge the inadequacy of the ancient model to develop the wealth of nations and the recognition that both economics and ecology are the best possible ways to manage world and human resources to achieve a better wealth of nations. The rebuilding of economics and of a credible strategy for increasing the wealth and well-being of nations is today at the... Read more
John Scales Avery
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The history of World War I is reviewed, starting with a discussion of the development of nationalist movements in Europe. It is pointed out that the global disaster started with a seemingly small operation by Austria, which escalated uncontrollably into an all-destroying conflagration. A striking feature of the war was that none of the people who started it had... Read more