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Volume 3, Issue 4 - May, 2018

The World in Transit: Going Beyond Myopic Visions

Alexander Likhotal
The world has entered the new Axial Age. Numerous transformations are taking place in the models of social, economic, and political activity, in projections of power and authority. Read more
Garry Jacobs, João Caraça, Rodolfo Fiorini, Erich Hoedl, Winston P. Nagan, Thomas Reuter, Alberto Zucconi
Unprecedented speed, interconnectivity, complexity and uncertainty are impacting all spheres of global society today, presenting challenges that were not foreseen even a few years ago. Read more
Keith Suter
This article uses the scenario planning technique to examine the future of the current nation- state system. Scenario 1: “Steady State” argues that despite all the talk of global governance, the basic nation-state structure will remain Read more
Janani Ramanathan
This article uses Jane Austen’s 19th century novel Pride and Prejudice to illustrate the power of literature as a source of knowledge that transcends the insights of history, sociology, psychology, philosophy and conventional literary criticism. Read more
Michael Marien
Book Review of Come On!: A Report to the Club of Rome: New Frontiers Read more
Winston P. Nagan, Samantha R. Manausa
This paper has a specific focus on the core foundation of New Economic Theory. That is, the focus on human capital and its implications for the theory and method of the new form of political economy. Read more
Marta Neškovic, Nebojša Nešković
We consider here the necessity of redefining the concept of economic value and the system of measuring the contributions to national wealth, to be included in a new paradigm in economics Read more
Gerald Gutenschwager
The current economic crisis can be explained but we must remember that the crisis is the product of human behavior, both theoretical and practical, and not the product of some force of nature or mathematical law Read more
Garry Jacobs
The recent explosive development of new forms of digital currency opens up unprecedented opportunities and poses significant regulatory challenges. Read more
Robert Van Harten
We are entering a phase in the evolution of life and society where falsehood is not tenable anymore. It shows in the acute emergence of concealed and hidden systems and organisations Read more
Ashok Natarajan
All values are spiritual in their essence, even those that appear to be physical. For all values seek perfection of the whole. The widest and highest perfection is based on the totality and oneness of reality Read more