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Issue 4 Part 3

Contours of New Economic Theory
Can we Finance the Energy Transition?*
The New Paradigm of Social Evolution: Modern Society between Hope and Tragedy
Book Review

Michael Marien
 Get Full Text in PDF Two Cheers for the Millennium Project2013-14 State of the Future (17th Edition) Jerome C. Glenn* (Director, Millennium Project), Theodore J. Gordon (Senior Fellow, Millennium Project), and Elizabeth Florescu (Director of Research, Millennium Project). Washington: The Millennium Project, April 2014, 247p (6x9”), $39.95pb. PDF in English or Spanish, $29.95. Read more
Dimitar Tchurovsky
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Social evolution is a continuation of biological evolution. The difference is the presence of mind, language and thinking. Therefore, society can be viewed as a living and rational system. The engine of social evolution is knowledge. Development of society is determined bilaterally by objective and subjective factors. Objective factors determine the form of... Read more
Ian Johnson
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The energy sector is pivotal to our aspirations for a sustainable planet and yet two major challenges face policymakers worldwide. The first is to decide what set of technical choices provide the best solution to meet social, economic and environmental agendas; and the second is to decide how these choices can be financed. The bulk of new energy demand will... Read more
Garry Jacobs
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The need for a paradigm change in economic thought has been well established, but the contours and fundamental characteristics of a new paradigm in economic theory are yet to be worked out. This article views this transition as an inevitable expression of the maturation of the social sciences into an integrated trans-disciplinary science of society founded on... Read more