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Climate Management

Can we still comply with the maximum limit of 2°C? Approaches to a New Climate Contract†
The Politics of the Solar Age: 1975-2015
Three Global Sustainability Leaders: Pope Francis, Jeffrey Sachs, and Nicholas Stern

Michael Marien
 Get Full Text in PDFGlobal temperatures are rising, along with droughts, floods, storms, wildfires, and melting of glaciers and tundra. Concern about climate change and sustainable development is necessarily growing. Three of the most important recent books and reports are reviewed here, as an introduction to major thinking about what must be done. I. Pope Francis on Integral Ecology and a... Read more
Hazel Henderson
 Get Full Text in PDFAbstract A global transition is manifesting in sustainable technologies, policies and investment tools. We are moving beyond the Industrial Era. Crises in energy, water, food and ecosystem services are being met with many forms of renewable energy; United Nations, NGOs, World Bank and other global programs; and with creative investment opportunities such as green bonds.... Read more
F. J. Radermacher
 Get Full Text in PDF Abstract The international climate policy is in trouble. CO2 emissions are rising instead of shrinking. The 2025 climate summit in Paris should lead to a global agreement, but what should be its design? In an earlier paper in Cadmus on the issue, the author outlined a contract formula based on the so-called ‘Copenhagen Accord’ that is based on a dynamic cap and an... Read more