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Volume 4, Issue 1 - October 2019

Emerging New Civilization Initiative (ENCI): Emergence from Emergency*

Carlos Alvarez Pereira
Our conscious mind enables us to grasp complexity, but almost forces us to think in a linear and mechanistic way about “solutions” to the “problems” we face. Read more
Petra Kuenkel, Sandra Waddock
The state of the world suggests we are at a crossroad—the next 15 to 20 years will have a decisive impact—more than in any period before—on the conditions of life on Earth. Read more
Stefan Brunnhuber
This paper will review the concept of the “open economic trilemma” between national sovereignty, global integration and democratic politics. It will introduce, as a possible solution, the concept of a parallel dual currency system operating through new monetary channels using distributive ledger technology. Read more
Frank Dixon
The following is one of many concluding sections from the whole system book ‘Global System Change: A Whole System Approach to Achieving Sustainability and Real Prosperity’. Read more
Hans d’Orville
To achieve long-term sustainability, it is necessary to strive for a green economy and come up with solutions to address limitations to resource footprints. This will require innovations across the board and creativity in all fields. Read more
Estelle Herlyn, F. J. Radermacher
This publication provides clues to the phenomenon of increasing social division within rich societies. At the same time, it refers to more recent insights of a partly empirical, partly mathematical type Read more
Janani Ramanathan
Moving from scarcity of knowledge and lack of access to information to an overabundance of data comes with a downside. It is difficult to establish the veracity and impartiality of information today. Read more
Garry Jacobs
Over the past 200 years, the evolution of human society has moved inexorably toward greater interaction and interdependence between peoples and nations around the world. More recently the movements advancing free trade, globalization Read more
David Harries
On 17 March 2019, immediately following the four-day VII Global Baku Forum, members and friends of five international organizations gathered to explore the present state and future effectiveness of governance and leadership Read more
Giuli Alasania
The present paper will briefly review several turning points in the evolution of the Post-Cold War global order. During the Cold War, the bipolar international order was defined by an opposition between two superpowers Read more
Ashok Natarajan
Humanity has evolved from the family and local community over millennia through several stages to finally create the present fractured and unstable global community of nearly 200 nation-states, some of which are barely a few decades old Read more
Michael Marien
Earth scientists and biologists have much to say about the changing state of nature. Many of them join together in important collective reports, available free online, but too often ignored. Read more