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Issue 5 Part 1

Recognizing Unrecognized Genius
Counter-Aging in the Post-industrial Society
Seeding Intrinsic Values: How a Law of Ecocide will Shift our Consciousness
Crises and Opportunities: A Manifesto for Change
Double Factor Ten: Responsibility and Growth in the 21st Century
The Future of the Arctic: A Key to Global Sustainability
Book Review - 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years
The Power of Money

Garry Jacobs, Ivo Šlaus
This is Part 1 in the Money Series. Part 2 "Multiplying Money" is available here. Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Although we all use money every day, the nature and functioning of money seem shrouded in commonplace myths and ancient mysteries. Money plays a central role in economics today, yet rarely do we come across a serious, informed discussion of what money really is and what role it plays... Read more
Michael Marien
Get Full Text in PDF 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years is a report to the CoR commemorating the 40th anniversary of The Limits to Growth, written by one of the four original authors. This broad forecast is “an informed guess tracing the big lines in what I see as the probable global evolution toward 2052…the most likely global roadmap to 2052 so that I would know what I am in for... Read more
Robert Horn
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract This reflection on Rio+20 examines many of the major social institutions and how they fulfilled their functions during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development at Rio. The institutions are: 1. Nation-states as a collective. 2. Individual nation-states. 3. Vanguard institutions (some NGOs). 4. Action and convening NGOs. 5. Global media. 6. Governments... Read more
Francesco Stipo
Francesco Stipo - Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science; Chair, Legal Political Committee, US Association, Club of Rome Anitra Thorhaug - Chair, Energy & Resources Committee; US Association, Club of Rome Ryan Jackson - Chair, Health, Population & Religion Committee; US Association, Club of Rome Keith Butler, Roberta Gibbs, James Gray, Philip Marshall, Andrew Oerke, Marian Simion,... Read more
F. J. Radermacher
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Since the world conference in Rio in 1992, the world has been facing the challenge of consciously organizing sustainable development. The goal is no less than the organization of growth compatible with sustainability, together with the creation of a global social balance and the preservation of ecological systems. In this context, the demands of a global ethic and... Read more
Ian Johnson, Garry Jacobs
Get Full Text in PDF Abstract Piecemeal fragmented strategies cannot address the pressing challenges facing humanity today. Economic theory has to be radically reinvented to squarely face the reality of rising unemployment, widening inequalities, growing ecological threats, frustrated social aspirations and unmet human needs. Monetary and fiscal policies are too crude and insufficient to steer... Read more
Polly Higgins
Get Full Text in PDF “Currently, our world is predominantly driven by laws that put profit first. So how do we shift to a new way of being that prioritises intrinsic values? How do we shift away from valuing something for its price-tag to valuing something in and of itself, regardless of whether or not it has a pecuniary value?” In April 2010, I proposed to the United Nations a law of Ecocide.... Read more
Orio Giarini
Get Full Text in PDF Several articles in Cadmus Journal have explored the meaning of “Wealth of Nations” at a time when the Industrial Revolution has given way to the Service Economy. In parallel, the European Papers on the New Welfare has been examining the lengthening of human life cycle as a decisive social and economic issue. “Statistics based not on age but on the capacity to perform... Read more
Ivo Šlaus, Garry Jacobs
Get Full Text in PDF At the 2012 Global Roundtable conducted in Split, Croatia in July, co-sponsored by the World Academy of Art and Science, the organizers proposed introduction of a new TESLA award for unrecognized genius, an acronym for The Earth Supreme Level Award. This is an important and commendable initiative by philanthropist Hares Youssef which directly ties into the Academy’s... Read more