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Inside this Issue


Bitcoin, blockchain, fake news, populism, the polarization of societies, the 2008 financial crisis, the revival of Cold War tensions, renewed proliferation of nuclear weapons, the 4th Industrial Revolution, neoliberalism, the retreat from democracy, rising intercultural tensions and fundamentalism all have something in common. They are all reflections of the stress and uncertainty generated by the rapid globalization, technological innovation and social evolution. They are all the result of the inability of prevailing social theory, institutions and culture to adjust to the emerging opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

This issue of Cadmus explores these symptoms, their underlying causes, and the outdated theoretical concepts that unpin the present global dilemma. It reinforces the need for reinvention and integration of Economics and other social sciences, rapid development of the institutions of global governance, and reaffirmation of the cultural and spiritual values that irresistibly draw humanity into the future. It also compels us to rediscover the power of literature, history, philosophy and the other humanities to restore wholeness to our highly fragmented view of the world by reuniting the objective and subjective dimensions of social reality.

We hope you enjoy this issue.